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New York's premier personal finance event of the year.

The Financial Fitness Workshop (FFW) is an annual all-day personal finance learning experience designed for real people and taught by highly qualified financial professionals in the New York City area. 

Every year, a select group of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ along with legal, insurance, tax and real estate professionals showcase their expert knowledge in 16 jargon-free breakout sessions on all aspects of personal finance: IRAs, budgeting, 401k/403bs, taxes, social security strategies, building portfolios using stocks, bonds, mutual funds and/or ETFs, estate planning, buying your first home, identifying the best type of financial advisor for your needs, debt management, protecting your income, and creating a financial plan.

FFW features two high profile keynote speakers on hot issues. This year's speakers are Christine Romans of CNN and Spencer Jakab of the Wall St. Journal, both of whom have also recently authored top-selling books on personal finance. 

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The Financial Planning Association of New York  - the professional organization of financial advisors and allied professionals in New York - founded this unique educational event in 2003 to help individuals better understand key issues such as investing, saving for retirement, taxes and other financial topics that impact all of us.

The event is co-sponsored with NYU’s School of Professional Studies and attracts people from all walks of life who have questions about their money, just like you.


Breakfast and lunch is included.

All net proceeds from the event will go to Project Renewal, a charity committed to ending the cycle of homelessness in New York City by empowering men, women and children to renew their lives with health, homes and jobs. 


The mission of FFW is to educate, not to sell.


“The Financial Fitness Workshop helped me become more confident in the way I manage my money and provided me with a great introduction to financial planning and investments. I would highly encourage anyone that wants to strengthen their financial portfolio or make better decisions about how to manage their 401k to join this full day event .. I truly appreciate the energy, patience, and experience offered by the course/instructors and plan to attend again!"

-- Katy S., Brooklyn


"This event aims to educate, normalize, and take the fear out of financial planning, and boy, does it deliver! .. Keynote speakers are engaging and accessible; workshop leaders are experts in their fields .. We’ve also gained confidence in our ability to make and follow a financial plan, learned how to ask questions, and grown to appreciate just how important financial planning can be. Highly recommended!"

 -- Jennifer M., Manhattan